Every year I take a 2 week hiatus from designing jewelry with my husband Mark and go wood fire my sculptures and some of my wares. Those wood firings have taken me from Peters Valley, NJ to Flagstaff, AZ by way of Las Vegas, NV. Over the years I have enjoyed each one of these firings, I have met countless artists, students who like me are hooked to a technique that is at the very root of civilization.

This was my second year wood firing at Northern State Arizona University in Flagstaff. Last year when I first pulled in the parking lot of the ceramic complex I couldn’t contain myself at the amount of wood kilns the school has. I was so happy to have made the 6.5 hours drive from California to fire my work with a car loaded with big sculptures.

I had a great learning experience, always very creative with some wonderful artists. The firing is a beautiful and long process. It is one of the oldest technique known to fire wares and sculptures.

My favorite part is when I peek into the kiln before opening it and see the bed of ash. I can’t tell you how awesome the results are, and how different they can be just by placing pieces in different parts of the kiln.

As a jeweler, and a potter I feel no different from the craftsmen who have always been around working with their hands. There is something about the pleasure of making something that can be very satisfying.Flagstaff_workshop046IMG_2048IMG_2050 IMG_2076 Flagstaff_workshop067 IMG_2092photoIMG_2145photophoto