Great personality coupled with lots of passion for jewelry describes Meaghan Flynn. A marketing and sales expert, a Mezcal aficionado, a flea market queen, a vintage maven, a French speaking american and the list goes on. Along with Randi Molofsky, Meaghan is one half of For Future Reference, a jewelry blog with great interviews and images of their custom designs. I caught up with Meaghan, who lives in NYC “where more is never enough and excess is always necessary”

Josette: How passionate is Meaghan Flynn?

Meaghan: I like to think I’m a nice, even keeled lady. Ya know, super laid back? Everyone who has ever met me immediately disagrees and recognizes my hyper, ADD, gemini nature for what it is. Let’s just call that passion, cool?

Josette: How and when did you get started in the jewelry industry?

Meaghan: My start in the jewelry industry was a total fluke. I was a womenswear buyer until the day I met Kimberly McDonald. She had just been inducted into the CFDA and asked me to be her Director of Sales. As a lifelong lover of jewels (I get it honestly, you should meet my mother), I accepted. They say the best way to learn to to be thrown right in the fire, no?

Josette: How would you describe your newest venture with Randi Mofolsky, For Future Reference?

Meaghan: For Future Reference was born from Randi and basically realizing we are the same person with the same aesthetic vision. Instead of buying matching muumuus and getting married, we decided to collaborate on a lifestyle website that celebrates the jewelry industry and gives a glimpse into their lives. We felt like everyone was interested in the tastemakers of the fashion and all of their favorite things. We’re here to say that the jewelry industry is full of cool kids, too.

Josette: What are you most looking  forward to at this year’s Couture Show?

Meaghan: This will be the first COUTURE show since the birth of FFR and we are thrilled to share with everyone our excitement about the launch. We will be doing a ton of new interviews, shooting the latest  jewelry out there, all while keeping the site updated everyday! Oh yes, and I’ll be doing sales (my first love after all) for around 20 collections between Muse and The EAB Project. I should be pretty busy!

Merci Meaghan et à bientôt, I am looking forward seeing you at Couture.