They get sapphires ALL month long!

Did you know that sapphires and rubies are actually the same mineral?  It’s true!  They’re both a variety of Corundum.  Some gemologists call this “the corundum conundrum” – how can the same mineral produce such a variety of colors!


As you can see, the range of colors produced by corundum is great.  Sapphire refers to the blue tones we are all familiar with and Ruby refers to the red tones.  Fancy colored sapphires are all those colors in between, including colorless sapphires.

So what produces this rainbow of hues in corundum?  The answer to the conundrum, drum roll please – there are different trace elements that find their way into the structure of each and produce different variations of color!  Think of it as a recipe for cookies, there are the same base ingredients, but depending on what you add to the batch results in a variety of different cookies.  In the case of sapphires, a combination of iron and titanium produce its blue color, and depending on the amount of trace elements the sapphires can be lighter or darker in tone.

September’s birthstone refers to those beautiful blue sapphires, and these are just a few examples of some beautiful sapphire designs by Mark Patterson.


Happy Birthday You Lucky September Sapphires, much love from all of us at Mark Patterson Jewelry