I absolutely love Miss Taryn Cox’s blog, it is chic, on trend, and stylish. I love reading it, I love the look of it and the idea behind it – thirty years ago Martha Stewart entered our TVs and our homes where she taught the masses how to entertain with style. THE WIFE™ revamps stylish entertaining with inspiration from the “good wives” of the fifties and how their trends can fit today’s lifestyle, building upon what Martha Stewart started in her kitchen studio.

Josette: I found it very interesting that your blog is dedicated to the wife. What was the inspiration behind such a blog?

Miss Taryn: THE WIFE™ is a lifestyle brand and blog. I believe there is an art to being a good wife and women should strive for excellence in their home. The motivation behind the website is to change and empower the image of THE WIFE™. The highly read and well curated site is written from the perspective of the “good wife, and is the nostalgic ideal version of what it means to be a true woman of the household and an independent one outside. If living well is an art form, I look at myself like an evil dictator of taste.

Josette: What is your most favorite topic?

Miss Taryn: I love discovering anything new and sharing with the masses whether it be a new designer, a must have in the kitchen or tasty new establishment. I’m like a little Lewis and Clark… Discovering life’s best accouterments.

Josette: Your blog has taken you far. Did you think you could reach such a large and diverse audience when you started it?

Miss Taryn: Originally the concept was to was to create a high end magazine for wives which eventually evolved into a blog. It has led me down a unique path where I have had extraordinary opportunities and met some incredible characters. I never in a million years thought this would be a career. I feel incredibly lucky that I found something that I love doing and am passionate about. Passion makes working a luxury not a necessity.

Josette: Do you have big dreams for your blog?

Miss Taryn: I wold love to see THE WIFE™ develop into a full blown brand of cookbooks, playlists, housewares, stationary, lingerie… the possibilities are endless! Here’s to THE WIFE’s glittering future.

Thank you Miss Taryn, It is an honor to have you on my blog, you are an inspiration and a motivator not “an evil dictator of taste”. I know that your dreams will take you far.