Have you ever ventured to Katerina Perez’s Website? Katerina Perez, AKA ”The Queen Of Best Jewels” is a Jewelry consultant, Journalist, and a Fellow of the Gemological Association of Great Britain. She has a beautiful portal that is dedicated to her passion for fine jewelry –  or should I say, for extraordinary jewels. Her interviews are a wealth of knowledge for readers and her role as an expert stands out among the crowd. She writes about a topic often neglected: the design and the craftsmanship behind every piece, or as she would say, the artwork behind the jewelry.

Josette:  When looking at a piece of jewelry, what are you looking for?

Katerina: When I choose a piece of jewellery to write about on my jewellery portal or share on my social media, I look for visually impactful pieces that are crafted to perfection. I perceive jewellery as a form of art rather than just an object of self-adornment. If a jewel is visually arresting and evokes emotions, I would want to know the story behind it – who created it and what inspired the jeweller? I then share my discovery.

Josette: What do you consider a good design?

Katerina: Oliver Platt once said that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ so what I consider a good design might not be what someone else considers good. When creating a jewel, it is important to achieve balance and harmony. This makes the piece visually appealing. I believe this happens when every single detail is taken into consideration: beauty, comfort and quality of a piece. All these factors have to be combined with well-calculated proportions along with an eye-pleasing colour scheme to make up a good design.

Josette: How important is good craftsmanship?

Katerina: Craftsmanship is the key in jewellery making and this is what differentiates jewellery created by a true artisan from ‘just another jeweller.’ When a brand or a jeweller is able to produce pieces that are high in quality and comfort, this can guarantee happy clients who would appreciate buying those pieces and will return for another piece (and possibly advise their friends and family to do the same). And isn’t it the goal of every jeweller?

Josette: How do you discover new talents or understated brands?

Katerina: Jewellery is my passion and people who have met me know that well. Friends from the industry, who understand my taste, often say that there is someone they think I should meet. So, most of the time, this is how I end up I discovering talented designers. Attending important jewellery fairs worldwide gives me the opportunity to discover jewellers from all over the world, if they haven’t discover me first and contacted me already to show me their work. I also do a lot of research and am very active on the social media,  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – this is where I find many hidden talents.

Thank you Katerina I would love to  continue the conversation as it is one of my favorite topics.