It all starts with getting engaged. Once the proposal had been accepted, it’s time to plan your dream wedding! Amid all of the excitement, it’s easy to forget about your wedding bands. But you shouldn’t leave this purchase to the last minute, you need to give it some consideration.

Women often know what type of band they desire once they see their engagement ring, but for most men their wedding band will be their first (and maybe their last) jewelry purchase for themselves!  It can be a difficult decision for men since most have never worn a ring before…  One of the most important things to consider when selecting the right men’s band is to find one with the best width for your finger.  A ring that you feel most comfortable wearing will be the best choice.  Once you settle on a width, you can chose the metal color, yellow, pink or white, gold, palladium or platinum, maybe a mix of two colors, the texture, hammered, engraved, satin, florentine etc…. Your lifestyle might influence your choice of color and possibly even the addition of diamonds to your wedding band. If your completely lost, consider your favorite watch and find elements of it’s style to match up with your band selection.

Men, always remember the wedding band you select is a symbol of your marriage, so make sure to fall in love with the one you choose!