diamond-portrait-series_diamond-paintings-by-reena-ahluwaliaCongratulations Reena on your many awards and accomplishments. You elevated the art of jewelry designing when you started painting hyper-realistic diamonds on large canvases weaving together symbolism and storytelling.

Josette: What inspires you to tell a story in your paintings?

the-portal-of-empowerment_pink-diamond_blue-diamond-painting-by-reena-ahluwalia_6x5-feet_copyrightthe-portal-of-eternity_asscher-cut-diamond-painting_by-reena-ahluwaliaReena: Celebrating the shining human spirit is what inspires me to tell stories through diamonds. Having looked into diamond my entire life, I know diamonds intimately and what meaning they hold in people’s lives. This is the connection I want to express through my paintings. I want viewers who see my paintings to feel like a diamond; brilliant, radiant, luminous, full of potential and much more!

Josette: One of your posts on your blog caught my eye, it was titled: In the name of Halloween “Sorceress Diabolic” and included an incredible rendering that mixes jewelry designing and art. Can you describe the concept and the inspiration behind your work?

Reena: Thank you! “Sorceress Diabolic” is a face-mask, designed to exaggerate and intensify a dark Sorceress’s legend. The design concept is flight of my imagination and breaking the rigid structure of form and scale for fine jewelry. It’s fun, with a dose of humor. Mask components are angular and pointed, recalling the sharp teeth of howling wolves and outstretched wings of ravens. Like a visual warning, a separate mouthpiece mimics teeth and fangs.

Josette: As jewelry designers, we all have one piece that was a challenge and stays with us long after it was conceived. What was your biggest challenge so far?

diamond-body-ornament_reena-ahluwalia_diamond-sensuous_de-beers-diamonds-international-awards_photo-albert-watsonReena: You bet! I have had quite a few in my career. Resolving challenges is what I thrive on in making my jewelry, sculpture or paintings. It’s the sense of discovery and a journey that keeps me going. One piece that comes to mind is my 200-carat diamond body ornament, ‘Diamond Sensuous’ that had won the prestigious De Beers Diamond International Awards. The piece is truly mathematical, with diamond elements embracing the body and falling on complex curves. To calculate the angles at which piece should sit was a great challenge, and untimely after many hundreds of hours into the piece it was satisfying to nail it! Late fashion designer Alexander McQueen featured this amazing piece in his Spring/Summer 2000 debut in New York.

Thank you so much Reena, I can’t wait to meet you.

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