One of my favorite gemstones is the “Paraiba Tourmaline”. I love that incredible “Windex” color, there is nothing like it. Copper in high concentration is responsible for the neon blue that is coveted by so many. A truly rare stone, Paraiba Tourmaline was first discovered in the 80’s in Paraiba, Brazil. Within a very short time, the world market soaked up the modest supply of gemstones. In 2001, more of these stones were found on the African continent, specifically, Nigeria and Mozambique. Interesting enough both stones had the same chemical composition where copper and manganese were present.

Over the years we have bought a few of the African Paraiba Tourmalines. It’s a thrill to shop for the perfect stone. The best cut, and the most brilliant with enough saturation will give you a high when you lay your eyes on it.