I have been following you for a while and I am enamored with the path that you have taken. You have a great educational background and you are lucky to have started honing your craft at a very young age. I can only imagine how much experience you are getting and how much more you will have in a few years.

To me, you are part of what I call the “Gold Girls” – an exciting new generation of smart and talented women making their name in the jewelry industry along with Gem Gossip, Jewels du Jour, ByGoldGirl, and diamonds in the library.

Josette: As a consultant to the jewelry industry, what has been your most interesting assignment so far?

Sunny: I swear, I learn something new about Jewelry every single day, and I don’t think that will ever change. Working at an auction house was my dream for years, and it felt amazing to be living it.

Seeing the best of the best of anything is exhilarating, whether that’s at an auction preview, from a dealer, store, or in a museum.  I really feel that these treasures we wear everyday carry our energy and history.  Seeing a piece that has been worn and loved feels special and different then anything else.

Josette: How do you describe your work for LoveGold as a contributor?

Sunny: I get to meet some of the most amazing people and see the most incredible gold jewelry out there. My personal focus has always been Antique and Estate jewelry, so to see the immense variety of what’s new and modern and how people are making gold jewelry today, in addition to antique and estate, is incredibly exciting. Not to mention almost everyone I’ve met with and thru LoveGold has a heart of gold, no pun intended.

Josette: Which part of the jewelry industry is your favorite? Appraising? Designing or Redesigning? Buying? Consulting?

Sunny: Creating custom antique engagement rings and special occasion gifts is always the most rewarding. I love to search for settings and pieces that have been forgotten, possibly headed for the melt pile, and give them a new life. It’s the greatest form of recycling. I truly believe that these little treasures we wear on our bodies day after day carry energy, and when you wear an antique piece, you know it has a story, a history, something rich with love. To see something that’s been forgotten, or especially something that I’ve helped create, bring someone new so much joy and happiness is incredibly rewarding.

I also love jewelry history and being a student of it.  Any chance I get to attend a lecture, see a museum exhibit, or read a new jewelry book, I’ll take it!

Josette: Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Sunny: That’s so hard to say, but in Jewelry no doubt! This is and has always been my passion, from the time I was a little girl.  Living in the age of blogging has really brought me closer to a lot of my contemporaries, making me feel part of this amazing community of people with the same passion and interests. It’s always so inspiring to see what my jewelry friends are doing. It’s important to be true to yourself, have your own voice and perspective in everything that you do. I would love to just grow my little spot within the jewelry world and learn more everyday about these amazing little treasures I love so much.

Thank you for allowing me to feature you on my blog.  It has been a pleasure to share your enthusiasm with my followers; you are truly a breath of fresh air. Good luck with everything,  I can’t wait to meet you next time I am in New York!


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