When I wrote my first post on Jewelry blogs, I received a comment from Ana Cavalheiro that she has just started a blog on the creative process, which was the missing category that I had noticed while doing my research. “Space Unseen” is her brainchild and it takes you behind the scenes in the studios of jewelry designers. Born out of her curiosity to see how others work, what their workspace look like, and what inspire them.

Josette: Ana you have a great blog! Beautiful pictures, very interesting content and behind the scene information. What really inspired you to start “Space Unseen”?

Ana: I’m a jeweler and even though I know how a jewelry studio looks like I’ve always been curious about other people’s jewelry spaces. Everybody is different and works with different processes so I thought it would be interesting to share their spaces and experiences. Also, I happen to travel a lot and thought it would be cool to visit jewelry designers around the world and shoot their studios. The fun thing is that I came up with the name for the blog and bought the domain name in 2010 but never came around to do it. In 2014, I made it my new year’s resolution to start it and here we are today.  I’ve done close to 30 studio visits and I keep adding them as I keep traveling. I always learn something new with each visit. And I like to think that I make friends around the world.

Josette: You have visited studios in New York, Montreal, LA, San Francisco, London, Lisbon, Reykjavik and Honk Kong. Where are you taking us next and how do you find your interview subjects?

Ana: As I write this I’m on the plane to Taiwan and I’m planning to do 2 studio visits in Taipei. The process of selecting designers is biased, I’m sure  … Either I like the jewelry, be interested in the creation process itself or the designer’s story. The common denominator is that I’m searching for independent jewelry designers who are making something different and it’s a plus if they actually make the jewelry themselves.

Josette: How much have you learned from visiting all those “Unseen Spaces”?

Ana: A lot! We might speak different languages, have different cultures and different processes but everybody is absolutely passionate about the jewelry they do. I’m always struck by the inspiration behind each piece of jewelry or the details of the designer story. And we end up sharing tips about the industry: stories, gem dealers,tools and such dull things as document templates.

Josette: A part from traveling a lot, what is your most favorite experience that happened to you since you have started your blog?

Ana: Tough question… I think that I’m always blown away each time a designer replies yes to a studio visit. I’m basically reaching out to people I don’t know, asking them to come to their studio to take photos of everything and people receive me with open arms. That’s a lot of generosity and it’s hard to have a better experience than this (over and over again) 😉

Thank you Ana for showing us a world that hasn’t been seen and for introducing us to a lot of talented jewelers.