Last week’s post was the first of a series in which I will be focusing on bloggers, editors and consultants in our industry. Severine Ferrari, editor in chief and associate publisher of Engagement 101 is the subject of today’s post. I met Severine a few years ago at the Couture show and we instantly clicked over our shared native language, French. As a result, a great friendship developed and I’m pleased to introduce you to her!

1-You’ve had a long journey. What brought you to New York from Paris, and how did you get started?

Though my parents are both French, they met in New York. My mother was a model and my father just out of Harvard. They eventually moved back to Paris but American culture and speaking English fluently was part of my education. Which is why I got my first job for Mariee Magazine and then was offered the opportunity to develop the US branch of the company and Wedding Dresses Magazine.

2-We are in a technology driven society and you have 372,000 plus followers on Facebook. In which direction do you see your publications going?

Yes, we have a very engaged community of online subscribers and fans of over 500,000 and growing .1 million unique visitors a year on our site. You do have to adapt to new ways of doing business when tools change and find a way to benefit from progress. While newsstands magazine sales will be a thing of the past in a few years, the internet and social media are offering editors a unique opportunity to develop content and connect with our audience. Though I have a lot of respect for some wonderful blogs and sites who focus on upscale inspirational content and expert advice, I think sometimes it can be intimidating and out of touch with real girls. We want all our audience to feel welcome in the Engagement 101 community. We want them to contribute and find real ideas and product they can identify to. We want them to be Engagement 101 as much as we are. They give us the direction. Whether they are rich or still striving, sophisticated, classic beauties or unique, size 2 or size 24, from major cities or Middle America, straight or gay ….

3-We have been exhibiting at trade shows for almost 20 years and while we have met a lot of editors, there are many we haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting. I have always admired your sense of collaboration, your understanding of the business and your persistence of wanting to be part of it all without excluding anyone. What do you think is the key to your success in bringing people together?

It feels awkward to answer this question, you should tell me! If I had to say something…First, work is my life. Editing and publishing is how I channel my creativity and my business acumen. Connecting with a niche consumer audience is my game but building loyal and life long  relationships with people who excel in this niche is what is making me get to work everyday. I have no interest in Engagement 101 just making profits with an advertising formula. I want to help jewelers solve their bridal consumer marketing problems and work on customized solutions and creating an environment that will make our audience understand what sets this designer apart. I won’t give up until we find what works. Whether you are a boutique designer or a major manufacturer in the field. This relationship is key to make sure a growing number of girls can access the best in design and quality for their budget and dreams.

Thank you Severine, always a pleasure to see you!