Rose Gold engagement rings have become very popular lately and it seems to be a lasting trend. If she is hinting about wanting a Rose Gold diamond engagement ring don’t question her choice. Rose Gold has become a defining color for watch and tech companies. How many of us have fallen for the Rose Gold IPhone or  for a Rose Gold watch? Rose Gold can be worn with existing jewelry of all metals and tones.  it is a perfect choice for those who want something a little unique, a soft color engagement ring or a men’s wedding band.  So why not surprise her by proposing with her dream ring.

IMG_2859Traditionally Platinum engagement rings have been the most popular because of the qualities of Platinum. Platinum is a pure metal with no alloys, it’s hypoallergenic and over the years it has a tendency of taking a patina. It never changes color and diamonds are very secure when set in it. Rose Gold is created by mixing gold and copper together, it is still considered a durable metal. Rose Gold looks great on all skin tones and will never go out of style because of the softness of its color. It is a great alternative choice to the traditional white diamond engagement rings for brides to be.

19th Century Russia made Rose Gold very popular and it eventually developed a nickname called “Russian Gold.”  With the release of the Trinity Bands from Cartier in all three colors of gold, Rose Gold became even more popular.

Most of the diamond Rose Gold engagement rings that we make in our studio have the center diamond set with Platinum prongs for more durability. So here you go there is a traditional element that you can barely notice in her dream rose gold engagement ring. Rose Gold is a wonderful option for those who enjoy both traditional and modern looks.

At Mark Patterson we are committed to only using ethically sourced materials and all of our designs are made in our studio in Newport Beach CA. Our philosophy is to make each of our womens engagement rings custom to the bride’s diamond and finger.
Mark Patterson Rose Gold Engagement Rings and Band