Randi Molofsky = Marketing = Gemfields = “A Girl’s Guide to Buying Diamonds”

Josette: What a great idea to write a book specifically for women about how to buy diamonds. What was the inspiration behind the idea?

Randi: I was actually approached by the publisher who was very interested in the idea of female self-purchase in the fine jewelry industry. It seems almost amazing now that even just 10 years ago, that concept was relatively unusual! I had been writing for trade publications for many years and also had started to see a shift in the stigmas that were attached to female self-purchase. I love both the history of jewelry and gemstones as well as the concept that fine jewelry isn’t just meant to be gifted, so it was a natural fit.

In fact, the De Beers “Right Hand Ring” campaign was launching at the same time, so I actually joined forces with A Diamond is Forever to promote both the book and the campaign on a multi-city media tour. It was exciting to spread the message that fine jewelry should not just be reserved for a man buying something for a woman – which is what had been told to us for so many years. Especially now, with the rise of beautiful online stores like Ylang23 and Stone & Strand, we see that women are very eager to treat themselves!

Josette: You are probably one of the biggest names in marketing for the jewelry industry, and you are also one of it’s best kept secrets. What do you attribute this reputation to?

Randi: Well, thanks! Hopefully I’m not too much of a secret! I was actually just nominated for the WJA‘s Award for Excellence in marketing for my work at Gemfields this past year, so hopefully the word is spreading. I think my success has come from working on all sides of the industry for many years. I started out as an editor and really learned the trade inside and out, worked in public relations, and then moved over to consulting for brands on a wide range of topics, from brand development to merchandising to advertising. It’s that unusual combination of being on both sides of the fence that has helped me take brands to the next level.

At Gemfields, I had the privilege of working with a fantastic team that allowed me to implement some really exciting ideas. It was especially rewarding to work with a group to put together very high-level photo shoots, like our campaign shoot with Mila Kunis and Peter Lindbergh. It definitely takes a village, but seeing a vision come to life from a small idea is very rewarding.

Josette: Do you think that a powerful blogger can influence their readers the way magazines have been influential over the years?

Randi: Absolutely! In fact, these days, bloggers have a much more immediate relationship with the reader than traditional magazine editors do. Bloggers were the first to really react to social media, and opened up their lives to the public in a way that blurred the lines between expert and friend.

For me, there’s nothing quite like flipping through the pages of a beautiful print fashion magazine, and I don’t think that will ever change. I also love seeing jewelry in the context of fashion, makeup, hair, and the thoughtful vision of a photographer. But there’s also something to be said for the daily comfort of having a cup of tea and reading through my favorite blogs, no matter what category. Outside of jewelry, I’m a total home decor and design junkie, so that’s where I spend most of my time!

Josette:  Is For Future Reference your latest venture? And what do we have to look forward to?

Randi: Yes, speaking of blogs, I’m about to launch a new site called For Future Reference very soon! We are going to be taking a look at the notable personalities in the world of fine jewelry from a lifestyle perspective. Of course the jewels themselves will be there, but instead of just looking at new products or collections, we want to get a handle on someone through the things that make up their daily lives. I’m hoping it will be fun, funny, and another way to get people excited about fine jewelry in general. Stay tuned for a launch in late March/early April at www.forfuturereference.com!

Thank you Randi, hope to meet you soon.