I have always been around women wearing pearls ever since I was a little girl. My mom always wore beautiful long strands of Japanese cultured pearls that my dad had bought during one of his business trips to Japan at Mikimoto back in the early sixties. My sisters who were much older then me received a pearl strand each when they were 18. By the time I finally turned 18, I received my long awaited pearl strand. It was mine, I could hold it, stare at it, wear it and keep it close to my heart. A few years later I became a jewelry designer and I designed a lot of clasps that would hold multi strands of pearls. I would mix different sizes of cultured japanese pearls in every strand. My passion for pearls just grew with time, I became picky, I only wanted to work with the best quality. A few years later I started to fall in love with south sea pearls, especially baroque, and lately Tahitian. When I have to purchase pearls I look at the shape, the color, and the luster almost like a diamond. Purchasing Tahitian pearl is a big challenge, the range of color is pretty wide and my favorite ones are silver, beige, light blue and light grey. Colors that can go with your jeans and can make you look as glamorous as the women who wore Japanese cultured pearls in the fifties.

I love this picture of Jackie Kennedy wearing one of her iconic 3 strand pearl necklace.