One of the most important moments in life is the realization that you have met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.  So many emotions and decisions come after the big question has been popped, but the one decision that sets the tone for the many to come is your ring choice.

The ring sets the tone of the wedding without being strikingly obvious. The ring is a reflection of your personal style, as a couple and as a bride.  It may seem strange but everything from a bride’s dress to a couple’s venue choice can all be relayed back to the style of the ring chosen.

For this particular conversation I’ve chosen to highlight Mark Patterson’s new engagement rings from the Promise collection and show you exactly what I mean.  These rings represent a return to vintage styling.  With the resurgence of vintage trends in fashion and old school styling, many couples will be drawn to this new definition.


These are just the right amount of old school for the new school bride, one who wants to keep it traditional while adding something a little modern into the mix.  Much like the dresses we’ve chosen to go along with our vintage styling.


Here are some venue ideas to give you a bigger picture of the overall styling. These venues each represent a redesigned vintage style, just like the ring!



Remember, all of this planning started with the ring choice.  It truly is the first step to creating the wedding of your dreams.