Two years ago I received an email from Michelle Orman asking Mark Patterson to enter the AGTA spectrum award.

I had never met Michelle but I had read her blog “Couture Musings” . I loved her writing, subjects, stories and her choice of words.

At last year’s Couture show I finally met her in person. This past January I was in New York for business and was able to meet with her. I decided it was my turn to ask the questions and turn the focus on the best communicator our industry ever had.

Josette: You are a great communicator, you have a lot of charisma and you bring a lot of wit to an old industry, what do you like the most about your job?

Michelle: First of all, thank you for the compliment, I’m flattered! I like so much what I do but I think the thing I love the most about my job, is the people, both the designers and retailers who attend Couture, and the team I get to work with at Couture. I just love being around all of that creative energy; it keeps me happy and enthusiastic!

Josette:  You have brought together retailers and designers, you are the bridge that makes it happen, what is the most memorable experience you had?

Michelle: I’have never seen myself as a direct bridge between designers and retailers however, I do always try to bring good people together! I think the most memorable experience happened last year when a retailer I’ve been trying to connect with a designer for several years (because I knew they’d love each other) finally met in person at Couture, they just clicked! This happened off the show floor by the way, during a networking event and they are now working together. I get giddy every time that happens!

Josette: It is your email that we received one day out of the blue that challenged us to enter the AGTA Spectrum Awards. Do you understand the  strength that you have in challenging people?

Michelle: Again, I’m flattered! And again, I always try to bring good people together or, in this case, introduce people to opportunities I think would benefit them. I think by being selective in encouraging people to challenge themselves or try something new I earn people’s trust. Whether it’s pitching a product or a show to an editor, asking a designer or an editor to judge the Couture Design Awards, encouraging a designer to participate in the Couture Press Preview or suggesting someone enter a competition, I am always 100 percent authentic in my intention.

Thank you so much Michelle for letting the designer interview the interviewer!