The biggest smile in the room is always attributed to Liz Kantner. The PR and marketing wizard for Todd Reed is always hard at work.

If she is not working hard at her day job, she is working on her blog “Stay Gold”. Discovering new talents, interviewing them, writing about her love for antique jewelry  and throwing in quite a bit of information on what “Stay Gold” is all about.


Josette: How and when did you land in the jewelry business and how much do you like it?

Liz: In 2012 I decided to quit my agency job in Philadelphia and move to Colorado. Within a couple of weeks I had found Todd Reed, who I had never heard of before, on Craigslist. I started as a social media coordinator and have been with the company ever since. Despite my love for fashion and jewelry, I had no idea that I could find a job within the industry. Finding Todd Reed felt like destiny! I love this industry so, so much.

Josette:  When and why did you start “Stay Gold”?

Liz: I have been into blogging since 2008. My content has gone from lifestyle to music to fashion to DIY back to music and now I focus on jewelry. I like connecting with people yet have always felt like a bit of an outcast. I found such an amazing community online and am still friends with many of the people I met through my blog when I first started. Sharing jewelry and helping my readers discover their new favorite designer feels so good.

Josette: What was your favorite interview for “Stay Gold”?

Liz: Tough question, the one that popped into my mind first was an interview I did with Eden of The Eden Collector. She curates and re-purposes antique jewelry for her shop. We did the interview via email and then we went to one of my favorite flea markets that she also happens to visit often. It was such a great experience to watch her in action. I learned so much from her about searching for antique treasures.

Josette: How do you separate your work for Todd and your work as a blogger? Are they intertwined?

Liz: Writing about jewelry is a passion project for me. Todd very much appreciates my love for the industry as well as my knowledge about designers. They are a bit intertwined because the relationships I create through my blog often become a project or a collaboration at Todd Reed. I actually learned quite a bit about helping emerging designers from Todd. He is incredibly gracious with his time and advice, so I strive to do the same.

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Josette: What are your future plans for your blog?

Liz: The plan is to keep putting out good content and supporting designers that I love! There is so much advertorial out there and sponsored posts, I want to just share my view of the world in an authentic way.

Thank you Liz for a great interview. Looking forward to seeing you at the Couture show soon.