Juler’s Row, a blog by Julie Bishop inspired by an area of downtown Chicago, is an eclectic mix of antique and contemporary jewelry that takes a peek into a world that has always fascinated her.  What sets Julie apart are her do it yourself posts. They are truly my favorite. What a great idea! Decorating eggs with rhinestones and paint becomes fun when Faberge eggs are the inspirations. She is the DIY guru of the jewelry industry.

Josette: Why and when did you choose to blog about jewelry?

Julie: After graduating college I started working for Whitney Abrams, where I helped at the bench, with designing, and sales.  I was (and still am) so passionate about jewelry that I spent my evenings reading and learning as much about jewelry as I could.  Starting Juler’s Row allowed me to share my passion, connect with others in the trade, and expand what I knew about the jewelry industry

Josette: I love the do it yourself sections in your blog. How did you get the ideas to write these posts?

Julie: All of the DIY posts are inspired by craft projects my mom, sister and I have done over the years.  When we were younger my mom encouraged us to be creative and I love seeing an idea come to reality.  Plus you can never have enough jewelry inspired home decor!


Josette: When blogging who do you have in mind?

Julie: I find so much joy in jewelry, it is a true art form.  While blogging I don’t have anyone person in mind because I try to cover a variety of topics including: bridal, fine jewelry, costume jewelry, and estate jewelry.  I hope my blog can put a smile on someone’s face and inspire them that design comes in all styles and from all periods.

Josette: Your blog has changed and evolved since you have started posting in 2011. How do you envision its future?

Julie: Moving forward I hope to continue to feature new and interesting designers, while also highlighting the impressive work of those past.  I would love to do more behind-the-scenes posts, showing the construction of a piece of jewelry from start to finish.

Thank you Julie, I can’t wait to meet you next time you are in my neighborhood.