Blogs in general have been popping up a lot lately! We have a blog on our website but we only post once or twice a month. I find it challenging to write a post, especially one that can  keep my readers engaged.

I have always liked to research the subjects of my interests. I decided to dive into the many jewelry blogs on the internet so I can understand their differences and what makes them successful.  I came up with 6 categories of jewelry blogs and have provided links to some of my favorites:

1-Business jewelry blogs are blogs that designers, retail stores, manufacturers all use to promote their products and write about all kinds of experiences they had related to the industry or their lives.

2-Jewelry industry blogs are written to promote industry news, new trends, new designers and general information.

Couture Musings is a more personal blog than others. You get to meet the subject more closely and Michelle has a great sense of humor.

JCK has a few blogs that cover general news, fashion, celebrity news, retailers news, and the diamond and colored stone industry.

Robyn Hawk covers specific gemological news and a wide range of topics, from technical issues to trends

Anthony DeMarco has a different approach on industry news; he blogs about the finest timepieces and high-end jewelry news whether it’s the house of Cartier or a rare pink diamond for sale at Christie’s or Sotheby’s.

3-Consumer Blogs are more about informing consumers about jewelry, introducing them to jewelry designers, trends and sometimes about gemstones.

Monica from Idazzle always has some interesting posts on a variety of jewelry news that she shares with her own unique take.  She blogs about trends, designers, fine jewelry, fashion jewelry and her love of gemstones.

Gemgossip is a cross blog between antique and contemporary jewelry. Danielle shares a love for antique jewelry but I think she loves all things jewelry. She is mostly famous for the hashtag #showmeyourrings.

Adornmentality Julersrow  Gemnerd The polished vault and B-jeweled   are all consumer blogs with lots of information.

4-Antique jewelry blogs can also be divided into sections. Some are off shoots of antique jewelry businesses like Isadora’s in Seattle and some are more educational with a bit of history behind it.

I predict that Jewels du Jour will climb up to the top of the list and will be number one on the best antique jewelry blogs for a long time. Natalie has brought a bit of history  to her blog, which is as beautiful and informative as an auction house catalogue.

Diamonds in the Library is another antique blog with some crossover into contemporary designers

5- International jewelry blogs, tend to be more fashion-oriented.

In Details is a blog dedicated to the world of jewelry from both a fashion street point of view and trade point of view.

Adorn is a trend forecasting and market intelligence blog to the jewelry industry.

Gem a Porter is a multicultural blog of a worldly collection of fine and contemporary jewelry

The Jewellery editor is a more serious industry blog that writes in depth news about the jewelry and watch industry.

6-Jewelry making blogs are hands on blogs that show you, through videos, how to make fine jewelry. If anything from the blogosphere about jewelry is missing it is this. Any designer / manufacturer can post videos on line. They are missing a consolidated blogger who can disseminate this most important information. I hope that someone fills this important gap in the future.

I have to say, researching jewelry blogs was a big eye opener to me. There is so much information today online and we can learn so much about trends and brands but I still feel that as a consumer one still has to go and look at a piece- touch it and feel it.  I hope these blog suggestions will help you in your research to find the jewels you love!