One of our latest design blooms was inspired when we were commissioned by a private client to create a whimsical amethyst ring.  From this project came a new collection we call Garden.  The main features of this collection can be seen as inspired by every day organic shapes found in nature.  To give the design its whimsical appeal, we looked to add movement in the design to give the impression of it being alive.  Posing the lady bugs as they would move in nature gives it a sense that the ring is a part of nature and growing as it would in your garden.

The center stone is a cushion cut Uruguayan Amethyst weighing over 28 carats with over 160 diamonds, 56 pink sapphires, and 40 purple sapphires.

Ladybugs in the Garden

This first ring inspired us to try another design based on the same theme of showing a piece of jewelry can look alive.  Here, the movement in the design of the snake makes it look as though it is slithering its way through a flower bed.

This design features an 11 carat cushion Tanzanite center stone.  The stone itself was so strong in color that we wanted to enhance its beauty by making it the star and not taking away by adding more colors.  We used over 230 diamonds to make up the snake and flower bed portion of the ring.

Snakes slithering around the flowerbed

The third ring shows a true return to appreciation of nature and its organic forms.  We turned towards the ocean and its lush gardens of sea kelp for our inspiration.  The kelp gives the impression of movement through sea foam just underneath the ocean surface.  The movement of the kelp draws the eye to the beautiful aquamarine at its center.

This design features a cushion cut aquamarine center stone weighing over 18 carats with 122 diamonds, 36 aquas, and 19 green beryls.

Creeping vines around this beautiful Aquamarine