img_1474Halloween is my favorite Holiday. I always carved several pumpkins and decorated the yard with spooky creatures. The entrance to our house was always appropriately scary. For years Mark and I made costumes for our kids – one year he shred apart one of his suits so Andrea could look like a zombie and another we made Ryan a giant cowboy hat to look like Yosemite Sam (from Looney Toons). Now our kids are all grown up and continuing the family tradition of creatively coming up with homemade costumes and carving pumpkins.

img_1475Ever since we opened our flagship store in Corona del Mar, CA we have enjoyed being part of the community and brought some of our old “tricks” with us – including a day of children painting Halloween scenes on local storefront windows to decorate the town!  Two weeks before Halloween our friend, Amy Senk, the founder of Corona del Mar Today, brings her children and their friends to paint all the storefront windows on our block. Here are some pictures from last year!

I hope you enjoy Halloween as much as we do, have a BOOtiful day!