“I eat Diamonds for Breakfast” a quote from GemHunt and reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylor’s famous quote “Big girls need big Diamonds”.  I stumbled on Gem Hunt’s Instagram account and was instantly addicted, no wonder she has 100,000 followers.

Josette: What is the concept behind Gem Hunt and how did you get started?

GemHunt: It really just started from a love of jewelry! Once I discovered jewelry on Instagram there was no going back for me. I personally wanted a place to engage and learn about diamonds and fine jewelry that was a bit more fun, but covered the gambit of the industry so I created it. It was also selfish as I wanted to learn more about all the amazing accounts I found on Instagram and share what I was learning. So I created GemHunt, it’s been amazingly fun to meet new people and learn about this industry.

Josette: Some of my favorite posts from your Instagram feed are your quotes. I find them to be hilariously creative and I smile every time I read them.  What inspires your quotes?

GemHunt: Thank you! My favorite part of curating my Instagram feed is coming up with them! I try to share things from other people that I find meaningful, take jokes from pop culture and make them diamond related, or just be silly. The jewelry industry can be quite serious so part of my mission for Gem Hunt is to shake up things up and have a little bit more fun with it on a daily basis.

Josette: What is your favorite diamond color and shape?

GemHunt: I love anything step cut! I dream of a step cut hexagon, but I also love asscher cuts big and small, large emerald cuts, and anything made using baguettes and bullets! I am white diamonds girl but wouldn’t say no a beautiful pink diamond.

Thank you Catherine, hope to meet you soon. Love your sense of humor.