The first time I visited the Gem Gossip website I knew that Danielle eats, sleeps, dreams and breathes jewelry – oh and wears jewelry, of course. She wears rings on almost every finger and each day the rings are different. I forgot to ask her how many rings she has worn on her fingers in six years….many more then me I’m sure. After all she is #showmeyourrings!

1–    What sparked your interest in Jewelry? (You talk about it in your bio without really developing, I feel that there must have been something that really was important that made you become so driven about it)

I’ve loved jewelry since I can remember.  My grandmother helped foster my love for jewelry with her yearly trips to Italy, where she would bring back a piece of 18k gold jewelry for each of her granddaughters.  I remember getting so excited to visit her when she returned home from a trip abroad.  I also loved learning about gemstones and my biggest teacher as a young girl was actually QVC.  I would watch their jewelry showcases and take in what the hosts were saying about the jewelry and gems.

2-How did the hashtag # showmeyourrings came about?

I started SHOW ME YOUR RINGS in 2010 on Gem Gossip after searching online for photos of hands with lots of rings on them.  I was disappointed because I found maybe one or two photos after searching for hours.  I thought I could ask my readers to send in pictures they’ve taken themselves, wearing their collection of rings.  I remember receiving my first submission in my inbox and getting SO excited that someone not only took the time to take a picture and send it to me, but also shared the same love as me–rings!

The SHOW ME YOUR RINGS project has recently reached 50 volumes and continues to grow.  With the popularity of Instagram and it becoming a hashtag, it now has a cult following.  The way it has taken off is crazy!  I am very proud of starting it and hope it continues to inspire collectors.

3-How do you describe your blog?

Gem Gossip is a 6 year old jewelry blog which focuses on jewelry trends, antique and period jewelry, celebrity jewelry, as well as exclusive designer interviews.  It is also a hub for gemstone and jewelry education, where jewelry enthusiasts can come to learn!  What sets Gem Gossip apart from other jewelry blogs is my experience in the field–I appraise jewelry full time and have been doing so for four years.  I am a graduate gemologist and love learning.  Treasure hunting is also my specialty, and I love sharing my jewelry-seeking adventures with my readers!

4-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I have big dreams for Gem Gossip…I have done so much in six years since starting, and looking back at my first post to today truly blows my mind. I want to travel more and treasure hunt.  Expand my ring collection…maybe shoot for 1000 rings by 2024?!  Sounds like a plan! 😉

I know that Danielle’s dreams will come true, I have been there and I still eat, sleep, dream, breath jewelry. Good luck you have a great journey ahead of you!