Becky Cole has a passion for the bling. She researches it, reads about it, admires it and like all bling passionates, she dreams about it. Becky didn’t leave her day job for her passion, instead she spent countless hours at night learning and blogging about jewelry. In a short time her blog Diamonds in The Library is number 4 in’s Top 5 Fine Jewelry Blogs, and number 11 on the Top Antique Jewelry blogs. What an accomplishment!

Josette: “A lady with a love for literature and shiny things discusses books and bling.” What a great tagline that explains so well the name of your blog ‘Diamonds in the Library’! With an educational background in literature, what triggered your love for the “bling”?

Becky:Thank you, Josette! I’m so glad you like the tagline. I actually spent a lot of time wondering – especially in the early days – if it was too wordy or too silly, using the word “bling” instead of something more serious, but I’ve come to be very fond of it. It’s my mission statement and it’s true to my voice.

As for what triggered my love for the “bling,” I think the only answer to that is: jewelry itself. When I was little, I would hoard things like glitter and sequins in old Tic-Tac boxes. I also remember playing with my mom’s earring collection and using the earrings like dolls, making up little stories with them. And growing up in DC meant that I paid frequent childhood visits to the Natural History Museum’s gem and jewelry exhibit; it was my favorite part of every single museum trip.

My taste for sparkle has grown along with me. Now instead of simply admiring the beauty of jewelry (although I definitely still do that, too) I’m conscious of the staggering amounts of craftsmanship and expertise that go into the creation of each tiny masterpiece, as well as the miracle of the fact that such glorious natural materials even exist in the first place. Add to that the sense of history and mystery inherent in antique jewelry, and there’s no way to resist.

Jewelry is the most fascinating marriage of science, art, and skill, and I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to think about it all day long.

Josette: My curiosity was first piqued when I saw your blog’s name at the bottom of an Art Deco pin on Pinterest. You blog mostly about period jewelry, and many period pieces I have seen on Pinterest have been pinned from your blog. You have a great following that awaits your new posts. What is your favorite topic and how do you pick the subjects of your posts?

Becky: That’s perfect, because my desire to blog actually started with Pinterest. My Pinterest account was the first place I really started keeping track of the jewelry I saw and loved, which awakened a hunger in me to learn more about the pieces I was admiring. I started blogging as a way to further record that knowledge and keep track of the pieces I saw and the observations I made about those pieces.

The origin of my blog – as a way to keep track of remarkable pieces (and books) – remains part of how I choose my subject matter today. It’s a mix of pieces that strike my fancy, pieces that are noteworthy and interesting to discuss, and pieces that I think my readers will love. I also like to feature jewelry stores and shows, as well as designers and brands that I think are exceptional.

My original love is antique and estate jewelry, as you mentioned, but I’ve also been featuring more and more contemporary designs and brands. There are so many fabulous jewelry minds out there creating right now, today, and I want to help share that beauty with the jewelry-loving public and support those innovators who deserve to have their work seen.

I also recently launched a series I’m calling “Treat Yo’self” (a Parks and Rec reference) that’s dedicated to jewelry under $300. Because it’s fun to admire auction record-breaking Chaumet tiaras and mind boggling museum pieces, but sometimes you want to see something pretty and decide to make it your own without needing to sell a kidney.

Josette: You have enrolled at GIA to become a Graduate Gemologist, to further your knowledge and education. How far would you like to take your blog once you become a G.G.?

Becky: I’d have a long way to go to become a G.G.; I’m starting out just with GIA’s Distance Learning classes. I don’t talk about it much on the blog, but I do have a full time job on top of blogging, reading, and admiring jewelry. Adding classes to that – especially now that I’m planning my wedding – is a pretty serious time commitment. I’m hoping to start my second online course soon, but it takes some forethought to fit it into my schedule. I certainly plan on pursuing further GIA education, but it’s going to be more of a tortoise’s pace than a hare’s.

It’s been just about two years since I started my blog, and I can tell you without hesitation that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I’m so grateful that the jewelry industry has opened its doors and invited me into its glittering world. I’m already expanding into doing some freelance content creation for jewelry stores, and I’m really enjoying it.

I’m not sure exactly what the future has in store for me and for Diamonds in the Library, but I can’t wait to find out.

Becky your journey has just begun and I can’t imagine how awesome it will be. Thank you for allowing me to feature you on my blog and to introduce to all my followers!

Becky in a Coronet diamonds necklaceBecky in Oscar Heyman and Omi PriveThyreos Vassiliki tiara