After  spending a lot of time focusing on finding your dream diamond engagement ring and planning for the wedding, make sure that you don’t wait until the last minute to find your wedding bands. Start early, so both of you have enough time to find exactly what you are looking for. What will you choose? A matching band to your engagement ring or something different in style and color? How about him? Will his band match the color of yours? Will you be buying matching bands in platinum or gold as a symbol of love for the ceremony and adding a diamond band for you? If you love the stack ring trend and want to incorporate it, there are so many options to think about. You should always remember that you will probably wear your wedding band more often than your engagement ring.

MP-Wedding-Bands-EditedWhile it’s nice to have a matching band to your engagement ring, don’t worry if it doesn’t. Think about the different metals, platinum, rose gold or yellow gold that you can pair with it. Try different styles , width and textures to see which one will complement it best. If you have a solitaire, it will be nice to pair it with a diamond band and add a little sparkle to it. A rose gold band works beautiful with a platinum or white gold diamond engagement ring.

PT950 & 18KR wedding bandsYou don’t want to over power your engagement ring  by choosing a wedding band that is too big. You want to beautifully complement it. After all the wedding band is the secondary piece to the set. Although  many brides like wearing two wedding bands around their engagement rings for symmetry, I think that trend has evolved into the stack. Anniversaries and child birth are occasions marked by gifts that can fulfill a woman desire of making a very personal stack that starts the day she bought her first wedding band. Make sure that he is comfortable with the band that he choses, he will probably wear his band for the rest of his life so it’s best if he selects one that fits his personality rather then rush into the process. Remember to engrave your bands, it makes it more personal.

Mark Patterson diamond engagement rings have been designed to fit flush with our wedding bands. They have all been designed and made in our studio in Newport Beach.