It’s always nice to come back to New York a city I left almost 7 years ago to Southern California.

It was all work from the minute I landed to the minute I left. I was able to squeeze 2 shows that I enjoyed very much the first one was the exhibition of the Jewels by JAR or Joel Allen Rosenthal at the Metropolitan Museum. Jar is a native New Yorker who went to France and became a famous bespoke jewelers making objects of Art and stretching the boundaries of the art of making jewelry. As soon as you walk into the room you feel like you are walking into a jewelry box, the lighting, the fabric on which the pieces are displayed and the intensity that emanates from each piece. You almost forget that you are at the Met.

The second exhibition, at the Brooklyn Museum, entitled “From the sidewalk to the catwalk” shows some of the work of famous French designer Jean Paul Gaultier who made the men skirt and the corset famous. Do you remember Madonna touring with costumes designed by Jean Paul Gaultier featuring a Corset and large conical breasts? Over the years he has succeeded in challenging us in the way we think of fashion.

My next blog will be about the art of buying multi-colored Tahitian pearls.


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