I know, I know, we promised to blog more and here we are taking a month long vacation!  Well, news is that we were helping put the finishing touches on Andrea’s wedding (Mark’s daughter).  She got married just last week, and I promise to share a picture with all of you once she gets them in!  At her wedding Andrea wore two gold Mark Patterson bracelets from the 18k24k collection.  You’re probably wondering,  “what’s 18k?  what’s 24k?”.

18k 24k Collection by Mark Patterson

These are the different labels attributed to gold jewelry.  24K represents 100% pure gold, meaning there are no alloys in the gold.  This is represented as 24 parts gold and will be stamped 24K.  18K represents a gold content of 75% pure gold, meaning 18 parts gold and 6 parts other materials, known as alloys.  18K jewelry will typically be stamped 750 representing 75% purity.  It can also be white, yellow, or rose as a result of mixing different alloys which cause the color variations.

Rose gold is made using a mix of pure gold and copper, which gives it a rose-reddish color.  White gold can be made with a different number of alloys, silver and palladium being just a couple of choices.

At Mark Patterson we cast all of our own metals in our Corona Del Mar, CA studio and have proprietary alloys to keep your gold jewelry looking its best for many, many years.  Stop by the store or email any questions if you would like to know more about how we make our gold jewelry!

18K 24K Collection by Mark Patterson